Gemstone and Acupuncture Facials Are Now A Thing

I got stoned yesterday. With a gemstone and acupuncture facial ($240 for first one, $200 for follow-ups) with Sunny Isles-based Doctor Elizabeth Trattner, that is. With a mission to “use ancient wisdom for modern women,” we chatted for 30 minutes over matcha tea about what’s been bugging me. I was brutally honest and told her I was feeling rundown, anxious and bloated allover from recent poor food choices. It’s important to note Elizabeth is first and foremost a girl’s girl — and I felt super comfortable and at-ease with her even whilst discussing super personal stuff like suffering mini panic attacks and the like. 

After our candid conversation, Dr. E suggested the following:

  1. Drink Aperol instead of wine. Aperol has 1/3 less sugar and no sulfites or yeast which can puff you up as we age.
  2.  Keep up the Pilates! It’s awesome because it elongates and stretches you out especially after car rides.
  3. Drink matcha instead of coffee to avoid the jitters. It contains L-theanine which induces an alert state of calm. Matcha also helps reduce oxidative stress which helps your entire body and skin.
  4. Since I skip breakkie, she suggested I eat a small breakfast. She feels my intermittent fasting is going too long. A little food in the a.m. is fine —  just make sure to eat fiber, a small amount of carbs and protein (and horta if I can find it)
  5. Make sure to stretch. My jaw muscles and chest were a super tight today.

And here’s what went down (play by play!) during the crystal-y and prickle-y event…

First we had matcha with ginger (here is where she gets here matcha from). Dr. E tells me matcha is 100 times stronger than green tea and helps reduce oxidative stress. It’s great for your skin and induces a state of calm. Winning!

Next, I laid down on a 26-pound gemstone heated mat! WOAH, I know. This heated amethyst (I personally LOVE amethyst as it’s my birthstone) mat produces far infrared heat which can penetrate up to 8 inches in the body. This mat also creates lymphatic drainage in the body and helps facilitate healing, reduce pain, improves immune function, reduces stress, improves skin and increases elimination by circulating lymph AKA  “bodily trash.” 

Then I was placed into a crystal grid around my body with black tourmalines at my feet to ground me, and selenite along my sides to energize you. I also had Chariote on point Lung 1 where energy enters the chest.  

On top of my body where crystals to open your energy centers and chakras

1st chakra  Hematite for grounding all chakras and  Star of Roselle (calcium carbonate)

2nd Carnelian for digestion and grouding

3rd Citrine and Herkimer diamonds for digestion

4th  Aventurine

5th Grape jelly Amethyst and Singdang Agates, these are incredibly rare stones from Indonesia, they look like an angel or a bird!

6th and 7th amethyst, light and dark and clear and green quartz gemstones.

Next, Dr. Elizabeth performed gua sha (a beauty first for me!) with rose quartz gua sha tools. The deal-io? Gua sha imporoves lymphaic drainage, increases blood circulation, reduces puffiness, breaks up the fascia, sculpts the neck, face and under the eyes, all done with Ayuna serenity serum to help brighten your skin. Gua sha has been used for 5,000 years to treat the skin in Chinese Medicine. 

Cupping on my face and chest was next. The 411? Cupping is like a reverse massage. It clears out the lymph in my chest, and worked around my face, especially in my jaw and masseter muscle because I suffer from TMJ. Cupping lifts and sculpts the face, FYI.

Next, Dr. E applied an organic face mask with botanicals  to soften and brighten the skin and lathered the leftover serum on your neck, hands and feet. A rose quartz roller was rolled allover my mug to help the mask penetrate into the skin of the face and neck.

The next step was facial acupuncture. Acupuncture helps stimulate collagen and elastin and the face, increase circulation, reduce wrinkles. Cosmetic acupuncture can help stave off aging or help reduce aging skin. Acupuncture also has a dramatic effect on your body — it calms you down so you rejuvenate faster. The idea is for the acupuncture and facial acupuncture to build beauty from the inside out!

As for the placement of those needles, Dr. E used a famous set of points called the Buddha’s triangle. It quickly induces a state of calm and zen. I even feel asleep!

Then Dr. E applied the beautiful gemstones in the photo above on my face. These were: amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, yellow topaz, blue topaz, green quartz, light amethyst and blue topaz.

After the needle removal, we used crème 2, the Awaken serum followed by gua sha to close the treatment. Needles were removed from the four gates as well. These points are used to relax the entire body and reduce stress. Next, she used  Ayuna body cream on my hands and feet.

The final touch? Swarovski ear seeds on my ear point shenmen, or spirit gate. This point was selected for me to induce a state of calm.

The end result? Aside from a rejuvenated and lifted face, my mood was vastly improved and I floated through the rest of my day. I felt grounded and empowered to make better food decisions, too. In fact, I loved it so much, I scheduled another session in two weeks. Zen-sational stuff!

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, Call (305) 682-9358 for more information. Office located in Sunny Isles. 


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