Fashion Star Premieres Tonight & I Interrogate Competitor/Designer Nikki Poulos On the Show

Fashion freaks, who’s watching the Fashion Star premiere tonight at 9:30 on NBC? You know The Wordy Girl is. Let me just be explicitly honest here: I’m totes tuning in for what promises to be a night full of Jessica Simpson’s loaded questions, say, like,  is-tuna-made-of-chicken? Yep, Jess never ceases to astound me and I’m fairly certain she’s an alien, but that’s a whole other post. I’m also tuning in to support Florida-based designer Nikki Poulos, too. Read my Q&A with the Nikki as featured on

You’re appearing on Fashion Star premiering tonight! What’s it like working alongside Elle Macpherson, Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos (another fellow Greek!) and Nicole Richie? Well, let’s just put it right out there — these are some very glamorous and stylish ladies! And John is pretty suave too! It was fun. Elle is amazingly beautiful, laidback and tall.  Jessica is funny and super switched on, business-wise.  Nicole and I connected most in our design sensibility because she is funny and very far-left of-center. John is a real sweetheart and I felt that of the three mentors, John was the one I connected with the most intellectually.
What was the best part about being on Fashion Star? As an independent designer, Fashion Star afforded me the opportunity to achieve the exposure that an independent designer can only dream of. Also, as an independent designer, we mostly work in solo situations, so it was fantastic to be able to meet, kvetch and work with my peers.

Describe your collection for those not-in-the-know: I term my style “modern boho-chic” which is defined by its easy glamour. I use mostly jersey fabrics which drape really well, are super flowy and comfortable.  I’m obsessed with graphic prints and sassy color. You can’t be shy to wear my show-stopping statement pieces.

You reside in Delray Beach and hail from Sydney, Australia, how do these dreamy locales inspire your beach-y chic designs?  You know, I love the beach but I also love to travel and explore new places, foods, and scenery. Sydney is a very cosmopolitan city but it’s also a city laden with amazing pristine beaches. So it’s really just what I’m used to and what’s in my heart.

What is new with your collection? My current collections are primarily Resort and Swim, but this year I’m putting out my first Fall collection. My customer is a reflection of me — she’s well-traveled and cosmopolitan. With my new Fall 2012 collection I’m giving her a new look, a new direction, with pieces she can wear in the city. Instead of wearing my collections just “from beach to dinner” she can now go from “work to cocktails.”
When did you have that aha! moment you knew that fashion design was for you?
I’ve always been creative. As a kid, I made clothes for myself from an early age. I have always loved building things and working with my hands. I kind of feel like I was born to do it.

We love that you support our local economy and all your pieces are produced in the U.S. Why is this notion near and dear to your heart? I believe firmly in supporting my local economy and community. By supporting the people and our communities, everyone benefits. Sure, I could produce offshore and make more money, but I can produce here and make a profit too. Also, I wouldn’t have the control over production that I do here — quality control is very important to me.

If you weren’t a designer what would plan B be for you? I always thought it would have been nice to be either a sculptor or an emergency room surgeon.

If the world had to be one color, what color would it be? It would be a multitude of bold colors, clashing, in a sea of graphic prints.
You’re flight’s delayed. What is your must-have item to get you through the dreadfully long wait? My iPhone because it contains my world and my access to the world (as long as there is service!).
Describe the perfect day: Strong coffee, an old-school newspaper, beach, surf, work, a great dinner and good wine.

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