E L James Talks Fifty Shades of Grey in Miami — Wide Spread Panic Ensues

{That’s erotica author E L James on the left, folks. Mitchell Kaplan, Owner of Books & Books lead the discussion}

There were enough raging hormones at the E L James appearance at The Biltmore last night to revive a dead sperm whale (because any mammal with the word “sperm” in it seems appropriate for this particular analogy). In town to chat about her best-selling adult romance Fifty Shades trilogy, James packed a ballroom with over 600 sexually charged women (and men) to discuss her overnight fame and the cache behind the Shades sensation. Of note, James recently scored a seven-figure contract with Vintage Books. Ca-ching.

The British author was surprisingly warm, candid and clever and touted the rainy Miami day “as very Seattle and appropriate for today’s book tour.” The notion The Biltmore Hotel is nestled on Anastasia Avenue also brought belly laughs to the author. Yet it was the rowdy, boisterous, uninhibited crowd that shocked me most. The women went NUTS (like, Elvis Presley pandemonium) at the mere nuance of the words “Christian Grey” and “flogger.” One man stood up and shouted, “As a married man, I’d like to thank you (wink, wink) for writing this book.” The crowd went WILD. There were also book clubs by the droves in attendance by the side-splitting names “Shady Ladies” and “Silver Balls.” Hysterical.

The crowd also misbehaved in the sense that many left the conversation early to line up outside to meet James afterward and get their books signed. Note to guests: This is straight-up rude. Your sneaking out in front of host was embarrassing for those of us who stayed the entire appearance. Look up the word “couth” in a dictionary. Thanks.

Here are some cool pointers James shared with us:

“Shades was inspired by the Twilight trilogy. That’s why it’s set in the United States’ Seattle. It took me six months to write each novel.”

“Christian Grey is based on a real person. Last I heard, he was in South Africa.”

Shades is not about sex. It’s a love story — that’s how I see it.”

“I am very much involved with the making of the movie — but I can’t tell you who is playing Christian because I will get into a lot of trouble!”

“I made the covers of my books discreet so nobody knows you’re reading something really, really naughty.”

“I plan on writing more novels after my book tour.”

{The line to get your book signed by James. Cray.}

James signed copies of her book with the words “Laters Baby,” an homage to her novels. For the music mentioned in her trilogy, just go to her website and tune in. Be warned: kinky, submissive sex may ensue.

{My Shady ladies: Christy, Allyson, moi, Luli and Allana}

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