Going Blonder

It’s been a minute since I’ve been blonde so I searched/creeped on Instagram (doesn’t everyone?) for the perfect Miami colorist when going lighter — sans red hues. Colorist Dafne Evangelista kept popping up in my feed and several of my friends have gone cool, icy blonde (you know, not brassy AF) so I paid her a visit at her Midtown Miami salon last week.

The process took a looooong time — 5 hours to be exact. Dafne uses Olaplex to protect the hair’s integrity and she’s able to take brunettes lighter without a hint of warm colors. I like roots, so Dafne colored my base to cover up my greys. Cost was around $450. As for my maintenance plan — Dafne wants to see me in two weeks for a conditioning treatment. 

I love the ch-ch-change!

Dafne Evangelista Beauty Lounge, 3401 N. Miami Avenue, Unit 215, Miami; (305) 733-7262,  dafneevangelista.com

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