Couture You Can Drive — The Fiat 500 by Gucci

When my friends Gil and Lorena casually told me last Friday night they got a new toy in the form of the limited-edition Fiat by Gucci from Fiat of North Miami, you bet your bottom dollar I wanted a tour of the petite pimped-out ride. Above is a pic of me with the iconic red-and-green seat belts. Talk about safety chic!

There have been several design collaborations with vehicles — Hermès for Bugatti and Cartier for Lincoln Town Car to name a few. The most obvious design element of the 500 by Gucci cabriolet’s exterior? The red-and-green stripe on the retractable top.

Talk to me about these haute hubcaps — interlocking Gs add a serious dose of va-va-voom.

And of course there’s a Gucci logo shift knob. Duh.

The seats are hand’s down the best part about this design collab — Gucci Guccissima leather seats with Gucci stripe seat belts are, well, conspicuous consumption at its finest


And here we have the posh posterior. How much does couture you can drive cost? The hardtop model starts at $23,500. What design collaboration would you love to see next?

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