Brad Goreski and I Get Married (Not Really…but Gary is Totes Okay With the Reckless Idea)

Last night my imaginary boyfriend, Brad Goreski, and I had a clandestine rendezvous at Books & Books/Design Within Reach. Ok, that’s a figment of my wily imagination, let’s start over, shall we? Last night, stylist to the stars, Bravo-lebrity and now author Brad Goreski hosted a discussion and book signing soiree at Books & Books Lincoln Road. And I was in attendance, too.

Here’s the crowd waiting for the man of the hour.

During the discussion, Brad cried, joked and was his usual geek-chic self. His look? He wore a mix of high-and-low in the form of Christian Louboutin shoes, Top Shop pants, Band of Outsiders shirt, jacket and bow tie. Here’s how the session went:

US: We bought your book. What should we expect?

BRAD: It’s a very honest story — it’s light, deep and full of styling tips. You’ll get to know me better than you ever wanted!

US: By being honest about your sexuality, you have made a tremendous impact on many gay youths. Thank you!

BRAD: I’m crying right now. I would like to thank my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Chandler, for that because she encouraged me to be me from an early age. And she was so fashionable, too.

US: How is your partner of 10 years, Gary Janetti, coping with his new-found fame?

BRAD: He loves it! You know, I’m a strange bird and he’s a strange bird, so we work. We may break up over Twitter because he is obsessed with it.

US: We love your show, It’s a Brad, Brad World. Will there be a season two?

BRAD: Yes. Minus our dog Jasper, who passed away in September. We adopted a chihuahua terrier mix with a serious overbite recently.

US: What’s the best advice you can give those trying to break into the fashion industry?

BRAD: There’s a place for everyone in this world. Do not listen to the people who try to bring you down and challenge you.

Waiting in line for my signed copy of Born to Be Brad, I bumped into this Miami Beach local, Sean Paul, who says he is, “Obsessed with Brad’s adorableness.” Duh. Me too!

Here I am with Brad. I professed my undying love for Gary to him so he suggested I Tweet him something scandalous. So, naturally, I did.

My Tweet to Gary: Sorry, @GaryJanetti, @MrBradGoreski has decided to marry me. I’ll be sure to send you pics from our honeymoon.

Gary’s message to me: Ok! But bring him right back!

The end.

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