Child’s Play

While the rest of the U.S.’ fashion-obsessed population rapes and pillages the Marni for H&M big reveal today, I find myself vacuuming, picking up after my two children (whom I am unmitigatedly convinced multiply like amoebas on a mission to messy the home while I’m not looking) and stacking away toys like a lunatic. So chic! Not. Actually, I quite fancy tidying up my pad because I am A) Crazy about cleanliness and order and B) My husband is a hoarder and I’m dead set on breaking him at his I-could-easily-become-a-cat-lady game.

Pictured here is my almost-5-year-old daughter Ava’s room which I absolutely adore — especially come bedtime. We like to snuggle up in her doughy bed and read Pinkalicious. And complain about how horribly behaved her younger brother is. I bought her duvet cover a Pottery Barn Teen, which I feel makes even cuter items than Pottery Barn Kids and even Pottery Barn for that matter. The rest of room is peppered with objects meant to inspire and create — such as an art easel, butterfly mobile, family photos and droves of books.

Above is a picture of Ava. The kid has mad swagger. I like to think she got it from her mama, who’s off to dust the living room followed by some serious silver polishing. Here’s to  hoping Marni for H&M is a bigger bust than Jason Wu for Target.

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  1. Jaime
    April 29, 2013 / 4:20 pm

    Where did you get her bed? I love the room and dresser!

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