Go With the Flow

Confession: I dress according to my mood. If I’m feeling cheerful, I’ll reach for bright colors and bold prints. If I’m brooding and moody, I’ll go head-to-toe black like a woman in mourning. And when the red monster/Aunt Flow/monthly visitor/shark week strikes, well, I want something flow-y and airy because I get super bloated (hellooooo, fluid retention!) and cranky. And miserable. And irritable. And cramp-y. And pimple-y. And head ache-y. WHO DOESN’T?

So if chatting about riding the cotton pony is too much for you, well, quit reading right now because you know I keep it real here. 

Yep, today we’re talking about dressing for that oh-so-special time of the month otherwise known as Leak Weak. Yep, when the crimson wave hits this chick, I’m all for a breezy dress because they make me feel insta-pretty and hide that fact I’m wearing total granny panties underneath. With this said, this Camilla tunic is just the thing when I’m struck down with the girl flu

So hail to your hormones and look cute while doing it, babes.


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  1. Tanya
    July 20, 2017 / 6:52 pm

    Leak Weak. Lol

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