My Fave Inexpensive ‘Kinis

We’re on day 4,230 (okay, day 17) of The Rona quarantine over here and if there’s any activity that brings a smidge of sunshine and sanity to our days it’s this: Hopping on our boat and spending the night at nearby Elliott Key. 

Now, allow me clear up a few rumors for those of you whom own a boat here in Miami because some of you have been savage in my Instagram DMs: While the marinas are indeed closed, boating is legal (as of print time). It’s safe, and you and your family can still practice meaningful social distancing on a vessel. So if your boat is easily accessible (ours is parked in our backyard), you’re all good. Now, no rafting is allowed — meaning no tying up to other boats. Also worth noting? Boats must be 15 feet away from one another or the police will get involved. Sandbars parties are no longer a thing (thank goodness!), but again, you can boat.

Which brings me to my next point: Boat lewks. On a recent trip to the Bahamas, I spotted this adorable textured pique fabric bikini top and bottom. Did I mention the top costs $20 and the bottom costs $15? SCORE!

Aerie is literally winning the inexpensive-yet-adorable-kini game RN. No one talks about how good their prints and fabric are and same goes for their workout leggings. 

You’re welcome.

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