Read This: The Silent Patient

This summer I have been averaging completing one book per week! Allow me to toot my horn for a sec, will ya?

Next up on my virtual book club list is Alex Michaelides’ The Silent PatientLet me start off by saying that if you like books such as Gone Girl and Sharp Objects, you will l-o-v-e this book. And while psychological thrillers have become an overly saturated genre — this one does not fall flat. Michaelides pulls off a really shocking twist successfully — the kind of ending that leaves you sitting at the edge of your seat, really.

The premise? Alicia Berenson appears to have it all. She’s a successful painter and her husband, Gabriel, is a famous fashion photographer. So what would drive this seemingly happy woman to shoot her husband five times in the face only to never speak again? Psychotherapist, Theo Faber, is desperate to work with Alicia to see if he can breakthrough her silence to finally find out the truth.

And the truth is shocking!




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