The Office

A few of you kitty cats (I totes stole that line from Brandi on RHOBH — I give credit where it’s due) have expressed interest in snooping around my crib, so allow me to introduce you to — drum roll, por favor — where The Wordy Girl magic happens, my office. Aside from fashion and beauty, I’m très obsessed with interior design. The look I was going for in my home office? Contemporary-meets-comfy. I’m a big fan of mixing high and low so this portion of the office is a mélange of Tui Lifestyle, Ikea and Kartell. The monogrammed pillow is from design darling Jonathan Adler. I love how it creates a personalized focal point for the room. I also enjoy collecting original art during my travels — the huge marshland piece is by Cape May, NJ artist Lance Balderson and the abstract one is from the Dominican Republic. I love the use of bold colors in both pieces.

I’m a bibliophile. So I had my handyman create a shelf encircling the entire space. I like to think the words from each book trickle into my head via osmosis. People often ask me, “But how do you get up there?” I tell them, “I don’t have to. I already read these books and have them hovering above me for inspiration.”

This here is where I sweat over a hot keyboard every day for this blog,, The Miami Herald and Ocean Drive. My favorite piece here is the transparent Kartell Bourgie lamp. It adds just the perfect dose of glam to any area.

These two items keep me organized and sane. I’ve had this Louis Vuitton agenda since graduating from college in ‘99 and it holds a special place in my heart because my in-laws gifted it to me. There’s something to be said of LV’s durability and timelessness — this planner still looks brand new! My BlackBerry Bold is my umbilical cord to work, family and friends. I recently made the switch to the iPhone and couldn’t stand the keypad, so back to the CrackBerry for me…BBM for life, yo!

Again, I’m cray about personalized items. This Dabney Lee mousepad is fabulous. I bet you never imagined the words “mousepad” and “fabulous” in the same sentence, but I did it!

Lastly, I always keep a burning candle by my side. My mother’s friend once told me that angels, “love candlelight,” so now I feel coerced into keeping one lit 50 percent of my day. This is an expensive habit especially when my particular favorite candle happens to be Trapp Fragrance’s Bob’s Flower Shop. But hey, angels as companions are worth it, right?

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