The Couture Hippie Cheat Sheet

What is a Couture Hippie, you ask? We enjoy the finer things in life (think high fashion sensibilities, professional blowouts, juice cleanses, plant-based meals and designer workouts) yet at the same time, we vibrate at a higher frequency. Self-care and self-love is our religion. 

We relish wellness, personal development, empathy, community and kindness — thus our obsession with philanthropy, good energy, self-help tomes, yoga, results-driven & clean beauty products, healthy noms and supplements.

Without sounding like a complete asshole, we’re boujee bohemians. Unequivocally obsessed with “living our best lives,” Couture Hippies are fans of unconventional rituals (think tea ceremonies, colonics, sweat lodge retreats, vaginal steaming, crystal healing, lymphatic drainage massages, cupping, Reiki) and all that is Woo (palo santo & sage are always burnings and Shamans are on speed dial). 

You will also find us bio hacking, popping supplements, drinking mood-enhancing elixirs and are maniacal about our skincare regimens. Feeling good is at the core of our ethos. With this said, I wrangled the fellow Couture Hippies (plus a doctor) in my life and asked them to share the insider-y products which have had a profoundly positive impact on their lives and why. (Also: When considering the use of supplements, seek the advice of your doctor.)

Goop Nerd Alert Chews: “These chews are just the thing to pick me up when the dreaded energy-zapping 3 o’clock slump sinks in. They help to give you a mental boost, using two cognitive supporters: L-Theanine and caffeine. When formulated together, they may help improve memory, accuracy and attention,” my friend Vivi says. $30; available here.

Digestive Enzymes: “Enzymes are essential for healthy digestion and a healthy body. They help you digest food, absorb nutrients, eliminate waste, decrease inflammation, decrease bloating, lose weight, sleep better and gain energy,” My Enzyme Doctor Dr. Matt Cooper says. Loomis digestive enzymes via Dr. Matt Cooper, 

5-HTP Supplement: “I take this supplement because it increases Serotonin levels. It’s been used as an alternative medicine in treating depression,” my gal pal Gingi says. Available at Whole Foods

Living Libations rose best skin ever cleanser moisturizer: “This luxurious libation may be used as a clarifying cleanser and gentle exfoliator as well as an opulent face and body moisturizer,” Gingi adds. $34; available here

Essential Rose Life body oil: “After every single shower, rub this all over yourself and remind yourself of how awesome and unique you are. Nourishment aside, it smells like you live inside a rose quartz crystal,” my friend Annhy says.  $44, available here

Swanwick Sleep blue light blockers: “Blue Light — the light used to illuminate monitors, TVs and mobile devices — can cause disruption to sleep patterns and as well as headaches. These glasses protect your peepers from these side effects — in style,” my amiga Stephanie advises. $47 and up, available here

Natural Vitality Magnesium calm chews: “Whenever I need to chill the F out, I pop one of these yummy tasting gummies. Magnesium supplements are synonymous with feeling calm and help bust stress,” my friend Roberta shares. $19, available here

Sun Potion Yin Power: “This is the ultimate mid-life elixir. It helps keep shit real, slows the aging process and gives you wings,” Annhy adds. $97, available here

#HappyCoffee by Elevacity: A few of my friends swear by this Elevacity Smart Coffee. Check the hashtag #HappyCoffee on Insta if you don’t believe me. I haven’t tried it but word on the street is this — one cup a day helps you lose weight,  improves mood and sleep. $105, available here

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies: “Sure, you can drink apple cider vinegar for weight loss, but these gummies taste damn good too,” my friend Allyson says. $19, available here

doTerra essential oils: “A whiff of their lemon essential oil makes you vibe higher,” my friend Sandy dishes. $32 

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