This will Make You SCREAM!

If you don’t know about New York-based The Class by Taryn Toomey, well, it’s time you experienced it first hand. A favorite workout amongst celebs such as Jennifer Aniston, Mara Hoffman and Christy Turlington, The Class is a yoga-cardio-strength-training and emotionally cathartic workout. You can read up on the IT movement here and here. Sweat sesh aside, Taryn is known to encourage her acolytes to, “Go ahead, get fucking angry! This is about feeling!” I LOVE THAT SHIT.

Luckily for those of you in the 305, The Class is coming to Miami on Sunday, April 2nd at 10 a.m. at  The Sacred Space (105 NE 24 St., Miami) and it’s open to the public and you can sign up here (tickets are $40).

Prior to Sunday, I will be moderating an invite-only panel on “Attainable Wellness” on Saturday alongside Nutrition Specialist and GOOP Contributor Laura Lefkowitz MD, Founder of Moon Juice Amanda Chantal Bacon and Movement and Dance Expert Jaycee Gossett

I am SO STOKED to be moderating this panel (thanks, Karla!) because I’ve been actively pursuing a nourishing lifestyle and have been manifesting blogging more about wellness (with the wit and humor you all have come to love, natch). Right now, I feel with every atom of my being, that our health is tantamount to EVERYTHING.

As for taking The Class on Sunday…You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You will feel.

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