THE Blogger Lighting Hack

I’m about to spill the tea on one of the biggest blogger/influencer hacks: Bomb lighting. Yes, a flawless complexion can be yours with proper lighting (just ask Barbara Walters who made soft lighting a legitimate thing during her illustrious television career).

Enter the Riki Skinny Mirror — crafted for us mere mortals working from the confines of our bedrooms. The slim mirror casts pro-grade lighting (read: super bright daylight-like lighting). And thanks to J. Lo and Huda Beauty putting it on Instagram blast, the Riki Skinny Mirror is the go-to for content creators thanks to its flattering lighting and you can stick your phone on it to film videos and snap photos. Brilliant, I know. 

While I rarely use mine, I unearthed it during my recent move and now vow to use it more while creating content because I always look like caca in my Insta stories as I never wear makeup.

After extensive testing today (#QuarantineLife), I can confirm that if your makeup appears excellent in the glow of the Riki Skinny, it will appear equally (or even more) excellent in any other setting. The Skinny is especially handy for things that are sometimes only revealed by photos — foundation shade mismatches or baking that’s not adequately blended. Portability is also a big selling point for this model as it’s slimmer than a MacBook and comes with a folding stand and rechargeable battery. 

So wether you’re a blogger or just someone looking for a mirror with built-in FIRE lighting, the Riki Skinny Mirror is IT.



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