Being Super Cute at Super Blue Art

Here’s me being super cute at Superblue. What’s Superblue, you ask? It’s an immersive new way to experience art in Allapattah, Florida. Picture floating among foamy bubbles, lingering through a field of endless digital flowers and losing all concept of time and space in a James Turrell light tunnel. Bonkers, I know.

The touchy-feely exhibit features works by Es Devlin, teamLab and as mentioned earlier, James Turrell. Located directly across the street from the Rubell Museum, my kids and I found ourselves ooh-in and aah-ing in every immersive piece — particularly Es Devlin’s Every Wall is a Door (pictured above).

It’s what Instagram dreams are made of.

Super Blue Art, 1101 NW 23rd Street, Allapattah; tickets


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