My Little Pony in for the Win

Freaks! I’ve been busy hustling and wrapping up Christmas presents and today I was victorious because I was able to score the number one item on my daughter’s wish list: LOL Dolls. I swear, securing these suckers was harder than a 7-day juice cleanse. Bible. I drove to two different Toys R Us stores and stumbled upon a WHOLE FRIGGING BOX OF THEM at Target because… Target is life.

Now that that mission is over, I can’t help but obsess over the Moschino X My Little Pony collab pictured here. When I scored my top, I got the warm fuzzies because it harkened me back to the groovy ’80s were I spent every waking moment playing with them, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie dolls. I wore this top the other day and got stopped on separate occasions because the My Little Pony love is real.¬†

Also real? Check out the show, Dark, on Netflix. The hubby and I are four episodes deep and can’t stop, won’t stop. We also wrapped up Riverdale (I know, I have the television tendencies of a teenager)¬†which is super cheesy but in a good kind of way. Happy viewing!

Photos by Courtney Ortiz

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