IT Girl Stats: Jolie Souto Dueñas

This is big, people. The Wordy Girl is pleased to bring you the first-ever IT Girl post and we’re starting off HUGE with my friend since junior high school Jolie Souto Dueñas. Once a week, I’ll be profiling Miami’s IT girls (and guys) and asking them pressing questions — like their go-to eyebrow guru and must-have mascara — and sharing their deets with you. Enjoy getting to know Jolie as much as I have over the years, mmkay? She’s hysterical and exudes a certain je ne sais quoi inherent in all IT Girls.

Name: Jolie Souto Dueñas
Location: Miami, FL
Occupation: Mom to the “Cuckoo Sisters,” the name we’ve given to my daughters who are totally cray-cray!  Once in a while I would like to switch places with my husband and sit behind a desk while he chases the Cuckoo Sisters around.
Current handbag: Prada Saffiano Lux Tote bag in Turquoise
Jeans: TopShop Moto Jeans in all neon colors
T-Shirt: J.Crew Vintage Linen Tee in White
Swimwear: Letarte or Onda del Mar. Their low-fitting and teeny-weeny.  However, I’ve been sans swimwear for a year due to pregnancy — I didn’t want to scare the beach goers — so I’m looking forward to a swimsuit shopping spree for this summer!
TV Show: All Real Housewives, Joan & Melissa and the NASA channel (for the inner geek in me)
Mascara: Dior Show. It’s so good you need turpentine to get it off
Foundation: Make-Up Forever…when they say “forever,” they mean it
Lipstick/gloss: Make-Up Forever Lab Shine Star Collection
Blush: Nars blush in Crazed
Bronzer: I’m naturally tan in the summer; naturally pale in the winter
Shampoo: I’m not fancy in this department — I shop for my locks at CVS.  Dove works for me!
Hair product: I’m really fuss-free with my hair, sometimes it won’t see a brush for days
Salon: Bellezza
Nails:  Kimmy’s Nails in South Miami because they do a mani/pedi in 45 minutes and walk-ins are welcome. I have commitment-phobia when it comes to standing appointments, so being able to spontaneously pop in on a Tuesday at 2 is right up my alley
Polish: Spring: Essie’s Waltz; Summer: No polish; Fall: Chinchilly; Winter: Velvet Voyage
Body moisturizer: Kiehl’s Intensive Repair & Moisturizer — it’s like butta!
Face wash: Cetaphil
Facial moisturizer: Oil of Olay Regenerist
Eyebrow shaping: Tania at the Brow Shoppe
Fitness: The stairs in my house is enough exercise for me. They’re spiral and steep. When I forget something upstairs I really think about how much I need it before I make the climb
Athletic wear: I was just in Aspen, so my latest sportswear was Jetset Ski Pants — they come in the best colors and their fit is great
Sneakers: Bikkembergs. They look like soccer shoes with a sparkly twist
Lunch spot: Nordstrom Cafe — it’s quick and consistent
Dinner: I’ve just been introduced to Red Koi…and now I’m obsessed!
Sweet spot: Hugs and kisses from my girls and my husband
Dessert: Oreo cookies
Last meal on earth: Peking Duck Wraps. I love everything Chinese — the more MSG, the better!
Travel: Our house in Ocean Reef: it feels like a vacation while we’re there and I don’t have to drown myself in Xanax to get there — it’s just a car-ride away.
Fun fact: I’ve cooked with Bette Midler- we made polenta and roasted lamb chops.  
For my birthday, get me: If money grew on trees and unicorns existed, then a Piranesi diamond chain link necklace would be great!

*Special thanks to my agent/friend LEGs.

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