Secrets of a Supermodel

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to intimately know Victoria’s Secret supermodel/actress Ines Rivero and always find myself begging her to spill the tea when it comes to being healthy and fit — because let’s face it, those Victoria’s Secret fashion shows look VERY AGGRESSIVE. Being the warm and open Argentine Ines is, she’s always amenable to answering my barrage of questions so I asked her share her top tips to being fit at 44. So without further ado, here are Ines’ supermodel secrets in her own words:

“My tips are based on a 44-year-old ex super model 😈 My body was a very different machine back then, nonetheless, I still consider myself a very lucky woman because of my body type which I got from my mom who’s 76 and looks amazing!

So these are my tips from my personal experience:

♥ Avoid all foods that come in packaging or already prepared. They’re usually high in sodium and have preservatives.
♥  Go easy on the salt. Go easy on dairy. The idea is to keep inflammation to the minimum as most modern diseases such as autoimmune disease are usually triggered by inflammation.
♥  I drink tons of dandelion tea which helps drain and it’s a natural anti inflammatory. I am also a fan of turmeric and ginger.
♥  Keep your gut healthy with probiotics and if you can stomach it, apple cider vinegar in the morning will do marvels for your gut.
♥  Find an exercise routine you can stick to and that’s realistic for you. And try to include all aspects of your physical health, too. I’m an advocate of weight lifting because it prevents osteoporosis. Also as age happens, it’s harder to build muscle which maintains healthy joints and you will burn fat for longer periods of time after you workout. I do cardio for my heart and I think it’s very important to also keep your body flexible and healthy — so yoga is an amazing practice that will provide mental health benefits as well.
♥  Infrared heat as a form of treatment. It detoxifies your body from all kinds of agents, skin purification, improves circulation, promotes weigh loss, cell health and rejuvenation.
♥   NO SUGAR!”

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