Girl, I’m Gonna Make You Sweat

The feeling when you step out of a hot yoga studio after a class can be gross, but also kind of magical. Your brain is basically mush, your pores feel like they’ve been blasted clean, your leggings are drenched, and your muscles are limber and relaxed. All types of yoga can have this effect on you, but there’s something about hot yoga that just feels so damn good.

Enter my latest hot yoga obsession — Sol Yoga. Nestled in Wynwood, I am loving the Friday at 9:30 a.m. class with sweet Cristina leading the way. With the room set at a toasty 95 degrees,  you will sweat deliciously hard, too. That’s because each of Sol’s classes take place in an infrared-heated studio. Infrared is considered the best kind of heat as it penetrates beyond the skin, detoxifying the body of heavy metals, reducing signs of aging, increasing mobility and longevity. And who doesn’t want that?


Sol Yoga, 48 NE 25 Street, Miami;

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