Read This: Golden Boy

This non-fiction book’s subtitle — A Murder Among the Manhattan Elite — drew me in right away. I was introduced to Golden Boy in Air Mail where the author John Glatt is quoted saying, “When I was commissioned to write a true-crime book about Thomas Gilbert Jr., who murdered his father, a hedge-fund owner, for cutting his allowance, I had no idea it would make me question the nebulous part mental health plays in the American legal system.”

Nebulous, indeed.

If you love true crime you will eat up this in-depth look at at the devastating crime that rocked Manhattan’s upper crust. With exclusive access to sources close to Tommy, including his own mother, Glatt constructs the agonizing spiral of mental illness that led Thomas Gilbert Jr. to the ultimate unspeakable act.


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  1. Michelle Sanchez
    August 9, 2021 / 10:29 am

    Loving it! Thanks for the rec!

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