Glow For It in KeSARI

Watch your back, Moroccan Oil (I love you but your stench? Eh, not so much.), there’s a new hair serum in town and it’s called KeSARI. In Hindu, “kesar” means “saffron,” so it is no wonder this pricy spice is at the center of the newly launched Indian beauty line KeSARI. I sat down with KeSARI Brand Ambassador Renee Lucas and got the scoop on the get-gorgeous line of skin and hair care.

What is the cache behind KeSARI?
Three things come to mind. First, the main ingredient is saffron, which has a long history in Indian beauty rituals. Secondly, the creators were married through a traditional Indian arrangement — she is the creator and he is the scientist behind the brand. Lastly, KeSARI takes key time-honored Indian ingredients and mixes them with modern-day science.

What is the must-have item from the line?
If I had to choose just one, it would be the Pore Minimizing Indian Clay Mask. Not enough people use masks because we are in such a rush all of the time, but this one leaves the face so hydrated.

Stacy Keibler, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba — a spate of celebrities have been spotted using the Indian Oil Hair Serum. What makes it so special?
Hands down, the scent. Every time I use it, it takes me away to an exotic garden!

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