Fendi Caffe 411

Miami, are you ready for the newest most Instagram-able spot? Look no further than the Fendi Caffe. My daughter (clearly, the apple does not fall from the tree) insisted on going this past weekend and we were not disappointed! In fact, we met the Food God while there so that was a real treat.

Nestled in the de rigueur Miami Design District, the all-things-Fendi caffe’s menu includes a fusion of local and Italian favorite breakfast and lunch items, as well as beverages including a signature FF logo cappuccino served in porcelain cups decorated with FENDI’s signature Pequin striped motif. An evening Aperitivo menu will also be offered. Sweet and savory bites will include special FF logo toast and paninis, as well as a variety of pastries and baked goods in special Fendi packaging.

The Caffe has popped up at OTL (and don’t worry — OTL will be back in July and the Caffe serves up the OG OTL menu) and features colorful design elements inspired by the brand’s new summer Vertigo collection. The Fendi Caffe will be open May 20 through July 5, 2021.

Fendi Cafe, 160 NE 40th Street, Design District

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