Facing It

One of the best things about visiting family in faraway places is not having to pack toiletries and certain clothing items. And raiding their closet for castaways. On this particular jaunt to Washington, D.C., I scoured my big sister Vivian’s bathroom and unearthed the GREATEST FACIAL CLEANSER OF ALL TIME…Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. I’ve been a Tata Harper fan for some time now and bow down to her 100% natural, 0% synthetic non-toxic Rejuvenating Serum and Moisturizer but had never tested out the cleanser…until this weekend. Comprised of pomegranate extract, apricot seeds and white willow bark, this cleanser exfoliates without drying out and smells good enough to drink. You’ll want to lather, rinse and repeat long after your family visit and confiscate it for back home. Pinky prom prom.

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