It Boy Facts: Fabian Basabe

Google “Fabian Basabe” and the search will invariably lead one to head-scratching headlines such as “Fabian Basabe is the Male Paris Hilton” and “New York IT Boy” and “That Asshole from Filthy Rich Cattle Drive.


Downright mystifying at first, I’ve become fierce friends with Fabian and his wife Martina — you know, the kind of cronies you feel you could comfortably phone for an off-market kidney should the horror arise — and I can tell you this, loyal readers: Fabian is effortlessly popular, charming, irreplaceable, unhinged, stylish, unfiltered, educated, skinny goals, authentic, spontaneous, devilish, fearless, solid, astute, wild and loyal like no other. I can’t help but notice when Fabian enters a room (typically armed with a Red Solo Cup brimming with his signature Skinny Bitch cocktail), the energy instantly shifts to a higher vibration — compliments of his come-hither looks, impeccable style and his innate understanding of joie de vivre.

My 11-year-old Ava (AKA the World’s Toughest Critic™) reflects on Fabian as, “Fun, well-mannered and a super good dad to Brando and his friends. He’s really funny and uses words I’ve never heard of, too.”

Snaps for being a witty D.I.L.F., Fabi.

Without further ado, I bring you my favorite bon vivant — Fabian Basabe’s — unfiltered musts, lusts and more.

Occupation: Full-time Dad

Current wallet on rotation: A rubber band — I just keep a card and ID with some loose cash in my pocket as I tend to lose wallets and phones but the one I own is a black Hermès

Car you currently drive: Range Rover — in British racing green

Dream boat: A vintage Burger fully restored with all the latest technology while maintaining its nostalgia 

Your go-to gift: A Taschen book or something from the sex shop

Totally underrated but totally gold: My Rolex?  Theoretically speaking, loyalty

Legit worst nightmare: Understanding what I would do to anyone that even thinks about messing with my family… I scare the poop out of myself

Jeans: Double RL or Tom Ford

T-Shirt: Rag & Bone 

Swimwear: Sundeck and Fay

Pajamas: Never

Movie: Goodfellas

Book currently on your nightstand: The Hardy Boys — I’m reading it with my son

Wine: No thank you! Patron silver with four freshly muddled lemons — not the pre-made lemon juice. Freshly muddled, please

Candle: Diptyque Feu de Bois

Shampoo & Conditioner: Kiehl’s Amino Acid 

Hair product: Sumotech by Bumble and Bumble 

Hair Salon: In New York — Bumble and Bumble. In L.A. — Fred Segal. In Miami — Snip. 

Face wash: Dr. Brandt Lineless Foaming Cleanser 

Facial moisturizer: Creme de La Mer

Facialist: Doctor Roberta del Campo

Plastic surgery — yay or nay? Duh

Fitness: Stem cell therapy and ski

Athletic wear: Moncler and Everybody Fights

Celebrity crush: Elizabeth Hurley, Nicole Kidman and Henry Cavill and my very own self (sorry, I like groups)

Sneakers: Hogan

Lunch spot: Michael’s Genuine and Cipriani

Vice: Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies

Dessert: Dark Chocolate Brownies

What person — living or dead — would you like to have dinner with? Sylvester Stallone — I think he might have some questions for me

Where would you take them to dinner? My home

Last meal on earth: Bond Street NYC

Hangover cure: Fresh-squeezed OJ screw driver

Travel: My wife picks but it has to have mega TV, wifi and A/C

Fun fact: I really don’t mind those masseuses that come tableside and massage your feet at the pool at the Peninsula

Nobody knows this about me, but… I am a really good cook 

Describe the perfect day: Rinse and repeat

Pet peeve: Poverty and liberals

For my birthday, get me: A birthday suit

Scent: Acqua di Parma Blue Mediterraneo  — Mandorlo di Sicilia

Aftershave: The Ten Party

Lastly, I love that you’re real and authentic. What message do you want to send the trolls reading this? You can’t sit with us.

Photo by Patrick McMullan



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