Buzz Off, Mosquitos!

Buzz off mosquitos! No, really. At my house, we like to entertain outdoors so finding a safe and effective mosquito repellent is key to enjoying al fresco events. My husband discovered Thermacell products a few years ago and since then, we’ve been purchasing their mosquito-repelling products because they work like no other.

Their latest device, the E-Series, creates a 20-foot zone of protection to repel specifically mosquitos. Yes, 20 feet! Also worth noting? The E55 charges via a rechargeable lithium battery technology that’s easy to use and here are other key features:

  • Unscented, so no harsh odors
  • Repels mosquitos without smoke or flames
  • Effective at repelling mosquitos and “fuss-free”
  • Comes in several colors including a blue, black and gray 

So if you, too, find your summer evenings ruined by pesky bugs, give Thermacell a whirl. Wallet-friendly price aside, these products actually do the task at hand. Besides, we all deserve a bite-free summer.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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