My New Skincare Regimen

What if I told you that virtual dermatology is now a thing? Well, it is. When it comes to your go-to skincare regimen, that is. The brainchild of hot-and-in-demand Miami-based Board-Certified Dermatologists Janelle Vega and Shasa Hu, their online platform, BIA Life offers dermatologist tailored skin care rituals delivered to your door. As for that acronym, it means “beauty in all.”

Um, genius!

Photographed above is my curated selection of results-driven day (top row) and night (bottom row) products for my mug. So how does BIA Life work, exactly? 

  1. Create a profile here and fill out the easy Q&A 
  2. Send in your makeup-free selfies
  3. Connect with your mentor 
  4. Receive your products (within 2 days, no less)
  5. Transform your skin in as little as 6 weeks!

The cost? There are 3 tiers of membership starting at $125 for a three-month membership which includes a $50 product credit. 

The added bonus? You never have to leave the comfort of your couch for your scientifically based skincare plan. You glow, girls and gals!

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