Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Happy New Year! Here are my best nine if 2017 from Instagram. My family and I celebrated a low-key New Years last night at our uncle’s house because I blame my girlfriends.  You see, I met up with a few gal pals at Hakkasan earlier in the day for some crispy duck, dim sum and gossip — and we threw back one too many glasses of Malbec and you know HOW THAT GOES. #UberSavesLives

After lunch and popping two Advils AND A ZANTAC BECAUSE I’M OLD AF, I was ready for a Dateline marathon and to call it a night. You see, for a gal that goes to bed at 9:30 every night, staying up to 12 is a struggle — especially after a wine-laden lunch with the girls.

Which leads me to my next point and a message to my future self: More lunches with the girls! Nothing and I mean nothing, recharges my soul like a few hours with my gal pals. In the span of three hours we were able to discuss oh-so-important issues like:

• How Megan Markle needs to hire a personal stylist. Preferably me.

• We’re still in stalemate when it comes to the hotter Franco brother — James or Dave? 

Downsizing was a weird movie, but Dark is winning Netflix RN

• How P. Diddy still throws the best New Years party in Miami… after all these years.

• The current Gucci trend is going to fizzle out. Sad. 

• I can’t remember anything else because… wine!

Anyhoo, the point is… I’m going to try to do more of what I love in 2018. More lunches! More self care. More tennis. More traveling with my kids. 

And more dim sum. Yum!


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