More Wine, Less Whine

If there’s one think I learned on my recent trip to Napa Valley — it’s that wine is a necessary evil when parenting and is a many splendored thing. For example, those huge oak barrels hail from France, in Napa… “Cab is King,” and there are hundreds of grape varieties grown around the world, some of which are better for winemaking than others. 

I also learned about sulfites, which occur naturally in wine during fermentation. Winemakers often add additional sulfites as a preservative and to stop the fermentation process. With this said, some people are sensitive or allergic to sulfites, which can cause headaches, congestion, wheezing and nausea, among other things. No bueno!

That’s where the Ullo wine purifier comes in handy. You see, it allows wine drinkers to remove sulfites by simply pouring wine into the filtering device (as seen above). The sulfites become bonded to a porous material and the rest of the wine flows through. The added bonus? You also have the option to aerate wine through the device.

And — bam — your wine will taste better.

Cheers to that!

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