The 411 on Tixel

If you’re anything like this 45-year-old woman, then I know this much is true: You always gripe about the wrinkles, texture, firmness and uneven pigmentation of your skin. So read on! 

I recently received the Tixel treatment with Miami Beach-based celebrity aesthetician Amy Peterson and LOVED the results. After strong topical numbing cream for 30 minutes, the procedure feels like a hot stamp pressed into your skin. There was zero pain (thanks, numbing cream!) and I looked sunburned after the procedure — so zero downtime (winning!). The end result? Smoother, firmer and tighter skin like no other treatment in my book. Below, Amy breaks down Tixel for us…

“Tixel is the NEW alternative to laser and why not injuring the skin is turning out to be pure perfection,” Amy says. 

“The Tixel uses Thermal Energy to target the surface of the skin in two very different ways. Firstly, the Tixel can be used for stimulating collagen and skin tightening for skin rejuvenation and secondly the Tixel can be used to create micro channels in the skin that allows the enhanced absorption of topical products when they are applied to the skins surface. We are using some of the best ingredients in the world along with exosomes and driving them very deep into the skin,” Amy adds.

So how does Tixel measure up?

“The Tixel is one such device that ticks all the boxes and after lengthy research I decided to add Tixel to our treatment options at our medspa. The Tixel allows us to finally get great results in previously difficult to treat areas, notably the fine lines under the eyes, the eyelids and the horizontal lines on the front of the neck. It also can significantly improve the results from other treatments that involve the application of topicals,” Amy says.

Amy tells me I will probably need two Tixel treatments for optimal results but I am already feeling the glow up after just one procedure. With this said, I HIGHLY recommend. Below are Amy’s deets.

Skincare by Amy Peterson, 1560 Lenox Avenue, Unit 201, Miami Beach, FL; (786) 502-1818,

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