Pray for My Houseplants

Unlike my mother, I sadly lack a green thumb. Sigh. But I don’t allow this genetic predisposition deter me from buying houseplants (and subsequently murdering them). Yesterday, I checked out Pebble and Vine¬†(I spotted them on my friend’s Instagram feed) so I wanted to write a little ditty on them because I’m all about supporting local mom-and-pop shops.

Nestled in pedestrian friendly¬†Miami Shores, the shop is brimming with easy-to-care for indoor plants. I’m talking fiddle leaf fig trees, orchids, air plants, succulents and more. A jungle of sorts, there’s something for everyone. The shop even offers consultations in your home or office to help you determine which plants would be best to enhance your space.¬†

Just thought I’d relay this local gem with you all because I’d like to get back to sharing things I genuinely love with YOU. In the meantime, please keep my purchases (a few pilea peperomioides AKA “elephant ears”) in your prayer circles.

Pebble and Vine, 216 NE 98 Street, Miami Shores;

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