The 411 on Kim Kardashian’s Fave Foundation

Seeing as I recently defeated Netflix, I decided to jump into viewing makeup tutorials on YouTube because — quarantine life. Personalities such as James Charles and NikkieTutorials are tops on my list as are the Vogue “Beauty Secrets” series. I also really enjoy Natalie Gee‘s daily morning beauty Instagram stories, too, as she serves up easy tips and tricks of the trade. 

In watching hours of said videos, I have learned about the importance of a moist Beauty Blender, proper concealer application, “baking,” contouring and the value of priming/preparing the skin. 

Which brings me to my next point. During several Kim Kardashian tutorials, I noticed she always mentions her affinity for Joe Blasco foundation on almost every video. “My dad got me makeup classes for Christmas when I was like 14 at some Joe Blasco makeup school, and I’ve worn that foundation ever since,” Kim says during one of her vids.

So naturally, this nosy chick Googled “Joe Blasco” and ordered his foundation like my life depended on it. I purchased the UltraBase Olive Beige 3. Turns out Joe is a legendary California-based makeup artist and Kim still gravitates toward his style of glam. 

My two cents? Kimmy Kakes is right. Joe Blasco is a really old school, heavy foundation — ideal for those of us looking for full coverage. I love that it’s creamy as I’m not a fan of matte foundations and favor a dewy glow. And now you know!


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