IT Girl Stats: Romina Nabhen

Once upon a time, I worked at a shady magazine (who shall remain nameless) where I had the pleasure of working alongside this Argentine beauty, Romina Nabhen. From the instant we met, I was magnetically drawn to her bubbly personality, stellar style and sweeter-than-Splenda disposition. Know that we’re all grown up, Romina lives in Hotlanta where she works as a Fashion-Lifestyle Consultant and as a usual on-air contributor on CNN EspaƱol, CBS and ABC networks . Without further ado, here are 21 things you don’t know about Romina.

1. I don’t want to have kids. Not because I don’t adore them I just haven’t felt that “thing” women are supposed to feel and I want to stay true to myself regardless of what society thinks of me.
2. I stay in shape by boxing. And yes, I could punch the shit out of someone!
3. I love animals more than people. My pets make me a better person.
4. I grew up being made fun of and bullied just as much as an overweight child but for opposite reasons. So I’m a spokesperson for CWAV.
5. I am a frustrated jewelry designer. I make things for myself as well as friends and family. Maybe in the next life I will develop that passion.
6. I don’t yet feel fulfilled in my career and find myself still soul searching and growing…
7. I’ll be 38 soon and I haven’t had anything cosmetically done. I believe in prevention and I’m not against procedures yet I believe women are more beautiful when they have a “look” as opposed to all looking the same.
8. I hate getting pampered. So I’ve never had a facial. I had a massage once and I dye my own hair with Natural Instincts (Lightest Golden Brown).
9. I am a lover and believer of olive oil for the skin. My grandma grew up poor and used olive oil as a skin cream and she looks amazing so I stole her secret.
10. I love butterflies and dragons which symbolize freedom and power.
11. I love fashion because it’s “living art” and I get to play, experiment and just have fun with it.
12. I can’t live without my Yerba Mate tea every morning. It’s my version of crack!
13. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Paris. I love all things French.
14. If I start cracking up I will snort…yep, just like a pig!
15. I’m not religious. I’m “spiritual” or whatever you want to call it. No “hail Mary’s” or “Our Father” for me.
16. I tend to be impulsive and blunt. Being that these are negative qualities, I work on controlling this aspect of myself
17. I’m a perfectionist and nothing I do is ever good enough.
18. I’m never satisfied with the way I look. I accept the way I look but I don’t think I’ll ever look in the mirror and say, “Wow!”
19. I am quite the housewife. I cook Monday through Thursday and actually enjoy it!
20. I live more for others (loved ones) than for myself. I need to learn to love “me” more.
21. In June, I’m on the cover of New You magazine…a first for me!

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  1. May 17, 2012 / 12:13 am

    wow….#3,9,11,12,15 and 16 its as if I answered those questions…

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