The Most Miami Hotel Just Opened in Miami

A hotel brimming with Instagram-worthy aesthetics? I’m all in! Just look at that flamingo wallpaper if you don’t believe me.

Miami, meet The Guild. The brains behind this new spot are an Austin-based hospitality startup with hotels across Austin, Dallas, Cincy, and now – Downtown Miami. What sets them apart is this: They go into high-end apartment buildings, and convert blocks of apartments into hotel suites. The result is the best of both worlds, the amenities and consistency of a fab hotel stay and the neighborhood charm and space of an Airbnb. 

The cherry on top is personalization — The Guild sends you a survey after booking where you can let them know everything that would make your stay comfortable and extra special. Trying to up your yoga game? They’ll send you a list of studios in the area w/ the best vinyasa flows. Fridge can be stocked with all of your faves and they’ll share insider tips on art shows, concerts, any cool events happening in the area you should know of.  

Welcome to the neighborhood.


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