Get Your Hair and Nails Done in 60 Minutes

Americans are famous for creating easier, faster ways to do pretty much everything, from Uber Eats for food delivery to Sudsies for dry cleaning pickup to Post Mates for quickie goods.

DashBar is the latest beauty concept to make life easier, thanks to appointments with a personal glam squad. Their freshly minuted and first-ever studio in the Brickell area offers three appointments in one — choose from simultaneous blowouts, manicures, pedicures, facials or lash extensions — in just 60 minutes (hence the name). You can even get gel nails like I did and the added bonus? All products used at DashBar are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free. Think brands such as Zoya, Pai, Patchology and Maria Nila.

At the core of its business model is DashBar’s commitment to providing a quick and effective beauty salon experience, which is achieved through their patent-pending PollyDash chair. Featuring new technology, the chair allows your personal DashSquad to perform multiple services simultaneously, getting you ready in less time than it would take you to complete your regular beauty routine.

Founded by female entrepreneur Carla Oliva, DashBar was conceived after Carla had to run to different salons for all her beauty needs before heading to a surprise vacation. That’s when Carla set out on a crusade to modernize the beauty service sector forever, by developing a more streamlined and productive approach to the traditional beauty salon experience. “Women need more time to go out and conquer the world!” Carla tells me.

The end result? A sprawling sun-filled space replete with pink hues, funky wallpapers, neon lights, luxe furniture and rigorous Covid-safety practices. DashBar offers blowouts, manicures, pedicures and facials.

Hello, Nirvana.

DashBar, 25 S.W. 9th Street Mezzanine 101, Miami; (877) 425-8111;

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