Dear Santa, Hook Me Up

{Alexander McQueen keychain}

{Chloé Susanna studded booties}

{Rick Owens moto jacket}


{Sydney Evans love necklace}

{Proenza Schouler PSI Medium Lux bag in Purple Rain}

{Del Toro slippers}


Dear Santa,

Let’s just make this easy. Our lives are cray enough. No lengthy letters to the North Pole necessary. No sitting on your children’s-germ-infested lap at the mall needed. I’m just going to prudently place my Christmas list here because that’s the 2012 thing to do, yeah?

First off, I would love for you to procure this no-longer-in-production/impossible to find/not on eBay Alexander McQueen keychain for me. I’ve Googled this item to death and have come up with nada. A wild goose chase. It’s a phantom. Poof. Gone. You could probs dig one up on Canal Street but I don’t do Canal Sheet so this is going to be an epic challenge. Either way, be a peach and place this UNATTAINABLE item (emphasis on the “unattainable” part) under the tree.

Next up? Chloé Susanna studded booties. Size 40. I know, I know, my feet are so channeling Sasquatch. Hit up Saks, Chubby cherry-cheeked Man. They’re sitting pretty next to the Miu Mius and Choos.

I’d also cut a bitch for a Rick Owens moto jacket. Every time I see my imaginary BFF Rachel Zoe snuggle up in hers, a pang of heated jealousy sears through my heart and it actually hurts. It’s, like, a travesty.

I need a Sydney Evans love necklace in my life. It’s just so dainty and pretty and delicate and me. Same goes for the Proenza Schouler PSI bag in Purple Rain. The color of this bag is not only named after one of Prince’s best songs EVER but the hue is the most perfect shade of purple. I mean, I would make out with this color if it were a person if that makes any sense (WHICH IT TOTALLY DOES).

Lastly, I’ve been shoe lusting for some Del Toro slippers for eons now and these pink-and-popsicles ones are legit. But it would be super cool squared if you had one of your overworked elves tweak ’em to read “Wordy” on one and “Girl” on the other.

And yes, I know I’ve been bad this year. Like, epic-ly bad. But I can ‘splain. If you have a modicum of forgiveness, hook this mother up. I pinky prom prom to behave better in 2013.


The Wordy Girl


  1. December 23, 2012 / 12:25 pm

    I saw a similar key chain at Henri Bendel with black leather tassels. =)

  2. Wordy Girl
    December 23, 2012 / 7:24 pm

    Thanks so much, Vanessa! I am going to snoop online as we speak. You rock!

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