Blogger Blitz/Brunch

{The menu for Bal Harbour Shops’ Blogger Brunch at Soho Beach House}{Oh-so-chic place cards}

{A genius Swim Week survival Twitter guide}


{Daniela Ramirez, Ria Michelle, Amanda Del Duca, The Wordy Girl, Annie Vazquez and Erika Sheffer

{Olivia Lopez, Laura Ellner, Krystal Bick, Regina Arriola and Erika Marie}

{Jacqueline Riley, Daniela Ramirez, Ginger Harris, Amanda Del Duca and Ria Michelle}

{Me and Annie Vazquez}

{The scene}

{Giveaways against a ridic azure background}

What a day, what a day. Bal Harbour Shops (AKA my second home) graciously hosted a handful of Miami and New York-based fashion bloggers for a chichi brunch at Soho Beach House (AKA my third home} today and it was AMAZE. Amaze in the sense that bloggers are really getting some love in the Magic City, and amaze because every day, I’m loving my fellow blogger babies even more. Enjoy these play-by-play pics from World Red Eye as I nurse my hangover with a Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon, mmkay?


  1. July 20, 2012 / 11:02 am

    oh how the food looked great 🙂

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