AKT Opens In Miami

So you think you can dance, Miami? If you answered “yes,” read on…
AKT, the fastest growing dance-cardio workout, opens TODAY in Midtown. Located on NE 1st Ave., the new AKT studio boasts a state-of-the-art studio outfitted with top-of-the-line fitness equipment and programming, providing members with an ever-changing fitness concept.
Since its inception in 2013, AKT has elevated the concept of dance-cardio into a full-body workout that not only includes cardio dance intervals, but also strength and toning, which are effective and accessible for all fitness levels. With four signature class formats including dance-based, cardio and strength circuits, interval training and toning, AKT is designed to push customers to sweat, dance and burn calories in a high-energy atmosphere.
Each AKT studio class is between 45-60 minutes in duration and incorporates a full spectrum of fitness elements from dance to strength training and plyometrics. AKT has four different class modalities that are a mix of low rep/high weight to improve muscular strength, and high rep/low weight to improve muscular endurance. With four unique class modalities – Dance, Bands, Tone and Circuit – with new choreography and content created every three weeks, AKT is a workout for all body types and fitness levels. Members say they can feel results after four AKT classes, and they start seeing results after eight classes. Also worth noting? AKT is currently offering 20% off to Founding Members for a limited time only. 
AKT currently has studios in New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, Kansas, Texas as well as Virginia, and will be opening in Fort Lauderdale this summer.
Bienvenidos à Miami, ATK.
For more information, visit or call the studio at (305) 857-5566; https://www.theakt.com/location/miami-midtown.

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